50 to 65


In your 50s and 60s, retirement is more than a distant goal. What keeps you awake at night? You may be thinking about what you have and whether you have done enough to get ready for retirement. What will it all mean? Will you have the time to get there – “there” is the point at which your worries recede and your plan takes over.

Sharpening the focus on what it will mean to retire is exciting for some and scary for others. You have questions – so many questions – about what the future holds. It may be a good time to engage in our planning process. We listen, understand and help solve problems. Please call or contact us.

What options are there for my 401(k)?
Am I on track to retire when I intend to?
Should I be purchasing life insurance?
What’s involved with serving as power of attorney for my parents' finances?
Should I regularly update my Will & Trust?
Should I pay off my debts early?
“Learn what your relationship to money is and get empowered to make the changes you’d like to make.”